50k/25k ultra marathon event in Bartlett, TN

Fortitude 50k/25k

All proceeds from Fortitude 50k/25k Trail Race will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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Awesome trails which are very well maintained, wonderful technical trails to have at your fingertips!
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About The Event

Fortitude 50k/25k trail race is set for September 19, 2020. The 50K/25K runners will run the blue trail loop as part of the course The 50K runners will start at 7:00 AM, the 25K runners start at 7:30 AM. There will be a 9 hour time limit for this event. The course is moderate/easy in skill level so every runner should have no trouble enjoying the race and the course. These races take place at Nesbit Park, commonly called Stanky Creek by the local Memphis area runners and cyclists, located at 5760 Yale Rd Bartlett, TN 38134. **This is a no waste race so we will ask that all runners bring their own bottle, cup, or bucket. We will have water and ice available at the race but no cups will be available.


For you out of state runners or runners that are traveling in please consider the following options for lodging.

Hydration Tips

Trail Running: How Much to Drink
This race takes place in a funny time of year for us here in the Midsouth, it can be 65 degrees one day and 90 degrees the next. Please watch the area weather as you plan your travels. How much you need to drink obviously depends on how long you are running and how much you are sweating, but here are some good basic guidelines for a run lasting 45 minutes or longer:


Drink 17–20 fl. oz. about two hours before your run so you’ll start off properly hydrated.

Maintain hydration

Drink about 5–10 fl. oz. (or a few good long drinks) of water every 15–20 minutes while running.

Drink after

Post-exercise hydration gets your fluid levels back to normal and can help with recovery. For every pound lost while running, drink 16–24 fl. oz. of water.

If you’re doing a short run, say one that lasts 45 minutes or less, you may be able to forgo drinking water while you’re out there. However, if it’s really hot outside and you’ll be sweating a lot, carry and drink water regardless of how long you’ll be running.

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Fortitude Trail Race Fortitude Trail Race